Badger’s Clout League 2020/21

Phil Badger is organising a nationwide clout postal league, which most of our members will be taking part in. We are very happy to welcome guests to join us, and we’ll even sort all the admin out for you!

Full details and rules can be downloaded below, however to simplify…

  • £5 entry (for all 6 months, or £1 per month)
  • League runs from October 2020 to March 2021. Each month submit your best score for a double clout round, alternating metric/imperial
  • Highest score gets 1 point, second highest gets 2 points, etc. If you miss a month you get maximum points. Lowest score at the end wins!


*The league has already started, but you can still join at a cost of £1/month, however by default you will be awarded maximum points for the missing months

You can of course enter individually yourself, however if you would like to shoot with us, we are happy to sort out all the admin to make it even easier for you to take part!

All you have to do is…

  • Complete and submit the online form below
  • Follow the instructions on the confirmation email to send your entry fee
  • Book in for our weekly sessions (via our Guests page)
  • Come and shoot, and our lovely Glyn Jones will sort out the rest!

*Tick all that apply

On submitting your entry, you will receive
an automated email with payment details